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SBA is one of the top property developers in Coimbatore , and has strategically choosen to develop , its properties in topnotch localities that after case in connectivity , thriving , social and commercial infrastructure and proximity to modern lifestyle conveniences. We carryout our business deal for all kinds of properties which include providing , Ready to occupy villas , land & Construction , Own Land Construction , Land Purchase , Renovation and also resale properties.

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    Coimbatore , most charming and developing city . It is the city of immense potential for business as well as personal investment , so if you plan to invest in coimbatore then you are at right place .

    Investment again in coimbatore , as we know the market is started booming. As SBA is ongoing and upcoming with projects that consider all over coimbatore surrounding by providing wide range of opportunities to the investors and looking forwards to increase the investors has in SBA with good benefitted returns for those who already have End-user product / House / Sites.

    Finding the perfect property in Coimbatore market area is something that many people dream about day in and day out. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy to property that meets all of your wants and needs ? With so many properties to choose from, you owe it to yourself to take the time to look at each and every one that may suit your needs. Another way to find the perfect property is to cast one us. Over all, finding the perfect property is not as hard as your may think. This is not to say that the buying process is going to be easy, but if you spend some time to check out our properties you should be well on your way to success. Remember, there is no urgency when it comes to buying the property of your dreams

    Coimbatore Population around 41 lakhs but house hold families is about 09 lakhs families but most of the houses are like slums only 2 lakhs families living with good houses and with good apartments, if we consider the percentage of the people living around 1 lakhs people are living in apartments, 2to 3 lakhs houses, still lot of families are looking good houses, they don't have option or opportunity of having a good lively hood in Bangalore there is lot of potential of growth expanding outside Bangalore .